Biogas flare
Biogas is formed naturally from organic material. Anaerobic digestion is an ideal alternative for organic waste treatment and production of energy.

Biogas, after proper treatment, can be converted into electricity in engines and it can be upgraded to biomethane at the place where it is produced. Biogas technology is the conversion of organic substances to methane as fuel and to valuable fertilizer from available resources that otherwise would go unused.

Gastechnik AG designs and manufactures a wide range of systems for proper treatment and utilization of biogas.

Medium temperature flares are burning systems that operates at lower temperatures than the high temperature flares. Basically the flare represent an economic and affordable solution for those situations in which the gas does not contains traces of hazardous gases. The end user complies with emission regulations without excessive investment and operating cost.

Because the flame is concealed in the combustion chamber is particularly useful for residential areas.

The typical situations in which a medium temperature flare is recommended are:

  • Excess of gas not used in power generation. In the moment in which the gas engine stops for any reason the gas is diverted to the flare. In this case the flare works some hours per year.
  • In combination with gas holders in biogas plants.
Concealed combustion with temperatures >850° C and a combustion efficiency >99%


Thermal load

100kW until 9.0 MW

Flow at 60 Vol% CH4

15 Nm3/h until 1500 Nm3/h

Minimal operating pressure


Combustion efficiency

> 99 %

Combustion temperature

Up to 850°C

Suitable for

Biogas, Sewage gas, Mines gas and Wood gas

Heat value of the gas composition

3.0 until 10.0 kWh/Nm3

Turn down ratio

1:3 optional until 1:20

Noise level in 10m distance

< 69 dBA



High availability

Simple and safe operation

Fully automatic operation

Controlled enclosed combustion

Service friendly

Low maintenance costs

Quick installation and commissioning times

Short delivery times



Flame arrestor

Flame controlled with modern burner control unit and UV- sensor according EN-746

Monitoring of gas pressure and combustion temperature

Electrical or pneumatically slum shut valve

DVGW approved instruments



Burner part in AISI 316

Supporting structure and piping in AISI 304 or AISI 316

Flame arrestor in pilot line

Turn down ratio up to 1:20

Frost protection

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